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Get real twitter followers and likes or
earn from engaging others' content

Community Engagement Centre

Community Engagement Centre is a solution that has two streams: order engagements to your Twitter content and earn money by engaging others' content. This works swiftly through our intuitive system. If you are after Twitter engagements then just create a bounty via @CEC_bounty_bot in Telegram, sit back and wait while people are claiming it.

Similarly, if you want to earn then you can easily claim a bounty yourself. There are new tasks added daily and claiming a reward takes just a few seconds. We support multiple cryptocurrencies and no registration or KYC is required to participate.

How can I get engagements?

There are multiple ways to create new bounties: web form and Telegram or Discord bot interface.
The bot gives you more options, but the web form is easier to use.
If you're uncertain which one to chose, then go with the web form.

How can I earn?


To start hunting bounties you need to text @CEC_bounty_bot in Telegram app. Send a /start command to the bot to get started.


To be able to claim rewards you need to link your Twitter account with your Telegram user. For this just use your Twitter @ handle when the bot asks for it.


You can hunt the existing bounties or just wait until you will be notified when someone has created a new bounty. Read through what is required and fill the task - like/retweet/quote retweet/reply or follow the user.


Finish the tasks and claim the reward. You can choose your favourite cryptocurrency among the 20 supported ones which you will receive.

Open Telegram and start!


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What are the advantages of registering the coin/token at CEC?

  • All projects on the platform are part of the awesome CEC community.
  • The bounty system allows all platform users to become acquainted with projects they may not otherwise be exposed to.
  • Focus on community growth and rewarding active users.
  • As we are still in the early stages of growth, we offer personalized support to all the projects on the platform. This makes it easy to introduce new features that are tailored to meet specific requirements.